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2016 Tour Down Under

As we have in previous years we did our own version of Dry July this year. Dry July – Royal Style!

This years theme was Tour Down Under and as you can imagine, that meant we were on an Australian beer tour. We started in Canberra with Brickworks Brown Ale by Pact Beer Co, and slowly made our way north.
Northern New South Wales had a good sampling of beer, like Stone and Wood’s Pacific Ale.
But by far the most memorable beer would have been Matso’s Chilli Beer from Broome. This beer was not a favourite – for anyone! If you’re not a fan of chilli, give it a miss!

There were some great beers on tour…and a few we probably wouldn’t try again, but all in all Australia is making some brilliant craft beers at the moment and this was a cool way to get to try a few without having to travel too far to do it!

As usual the best part about this was raising money for a worthy cause.
Thanks to all those who participated we were able to present a cheque to Bungendore preschool for $1100!
They are planning on updating their play ground with a new bike path or climbing equipment for the kids.

A big thanks to everyone who got involved this year, we are already planning next years theme so stay tuned!

If you’d like to see all the beers from the tour, jump on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the photos!

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